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ACT Tutoring  | ABC Professional Tutoring

ABC Professional Tutoring knows that an effective instructional plan consists of several equally important components...

Science Tutoring  | ABC Professional Tutoring

Chemistry and Physics are two academic areas that don’t appeal to all learners; in fact, may people shy...

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Higher math involves some abstract ideas that are difficult for even some of the brightest people to grasp, and...

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Classroom instruction is, by necessity, geared toward middle achievers. The best teachers personalize student instruction as much as I can, but the logistics of teaching a group make it impossible to give each student in a classroom setting a truly individualized program of instruction. I offer students to try my tutoring for 2 hours, and if they like my tutoring style, then they can pay for 10 hours in advance and get a special deal.

At ABC Professional Tutoring, I provide academic tutoring to high school and college-level students in subject areas not offered by all tutoring agencies. I specialize in higher math, science and college entrance exam preparation. I provide each student with a program of instruction tailored specifically toward his or her needs, taking into account strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, current levels of achievement, and goals.

Whether you are struggling to meet current classroom expectations or an overachiever looking for stimulation beyond the scope of your formal instruction, I will devise a program to fit your needs. With over 25 years of experience, I am one of the most highly respected tutoring agencies in the Starkville area. My office is walking distance from the MSU campus.

I am patient, dedicated and proficient in their subject areas. I am also knowledgeable of learning styles, and understand that education isn’t simply a transfer of information, it is a process of collaboration between a student and a teacher.

By providing students with opportunities to succeed, I give our pupils the self-assurance needed to overcome test anxieties and approach exams with confidence. My whole approach is to give students a good solid background in the basics so that they can take care of themselves in the higher courses.

My tutoring is not only innovative and effective, but also affordable. What’s more, I am available seven days a week in the Starkville area! Contact ABC Professional Tutoring today.